Learning Disabilities Care

A learning disability (or intellectual disability) is a lifelong condition that can make accessing healthcare difficult and lead to disadvantage and inequality. People who have learning disabilities might be of any age and rely heavily on the services provided by doctors and nurses and other health and social care providers, especially primary care. People with learning disabilities will need support from primary care professionals to understand information about their health and care needs.

Gims Care Solutions (GCS) is experienced at finding solutions to any challenges that arise. Key to finding solutions is providing assistance to friends and relatives who care for people with learning disabilities, to ensure that they too maintain their quality of life. Our specialist learning disabilities service provides the highest quality care and support possible at home and in the community for people with all levels of learning disabilities. We design our support packages on personalities, likes, dislikes, goals and aspirations. The focus is on what people can do. We overcome potential obstacles whenever possible. All too often families or carers of people with learning disabilities can feel overwhelmed and GCS can provide the vital support needed to alleviate much of the pressure. Our specialist support assistants are fully trained and experienced when it comes to supporting for someone with a learning disability.